July 15, 2024

Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the deliciousness of Ethiopian coffee and its popularity is now spreading across the country. There is good news for people attending conferences and corporate events, as that same coffee is now being served up at these functions.

At our recent conference, attendees were delighted to find that there was a carefully curated selection of premium Ethiopian coffee available, as part of the all-inclusive package. The coffees were from some of the finest growers in Ethiopia, who have developed unique processes for cultivating and roasting beans that are unparalleled in flavor and body.

The coffee was served with great care and attention to detail, taking into account different brewing methods and grind levels to bring out each coffee’s individual flavor notes. We even offered a special “Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe” – described by experienced baristas as one of the best coffees in the world – for those attendees who wanted to kick up their caffeine intake!

It was not only Black American Attendees that appreciated it, but also people from around the world who said they had never tasted something so pleasant and smooth. People were pleasantly surprised to find such high-quality coffee in the middle of a dry desert, as this part of Arizona has never been known for its abundance of fine cuisine.

We strive to provide our clients with an unforgettable experience at our conferences, so it’s great that we can offer them a bit of Ethiopia’s culture and flavor along with the main program. It certainly adds something special to our events, bringing attendees together through the medium of amazing coffee. We are certainly looking forward to having more Ethiopian Coffee at future events!

Coffee aficionados, rejoice! Ethiopian coffee is now available at all of our conferences. If you’ve tasted the bold flavor of Ethiopian java, you know that it has an intense floral and earthy aroma that makes it one of the most prized varieties in the world. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, so it’s no surprise that they produce some of the most sought-after beans around.

At our conferences, you can sample these high-quality African beans, roasted to perfection. Coffee lovers are sure to appreciate the rich flavor and fruity aftertones of the robust blend. And for those who aren’t familiar with Ethiopian coffee, this is your chance to explore its unique taste and aroma.

Not only does this type of coffee taste amazing, but choosing Ethiopian beans helps support local farmers in Africa. In recent years, coffee exports from Ethiopia have caused major economic growth and development in the country. As more people buy and enjoy Ethiopian coffee, more farmers will continue to benefit from the increased demand for their product. It’s a great way to do your part for a good cause while enjoying a delicious cup of joe.

Ethiopia is arguably one of the most important countries in the world of coffee. It is known for producing some of the finest and most flavorful coffees you can buy. That’s why we are excited to announce that Ethiopian coffee will be available at all of our upcoming conferences!

Our Ethiopian specialty coffees have been selected for their ability to bring out the nuances of the country’s distinct coffee characteristics. Ethiopia is recognized as an origin ofArabica Beans, one of the main types of quality coffee known around the world. With its high-altitude growing regions, Ethiopia is home to some of the best coffees in the world.

At our conferences, we offer an Ethiopian blend that includes a profile that can be defined as complex but balanced. You will find flavors of blueberries and blackberries. Aromas of nuts and chocolate give this coffee a unique taste profile. This coffee has a medium body, a sweet acidity and pleasant finish that lingers around after drinking it. It’s smooth, with no overwhelming acidic notes or bitterness.

We believe our Ethiopian blend showcases everything great about this country’s coffees: a unique flavor profile, complexity and fullness that can be enjoyed by everyone. We understand how important coffee is for conferences, so make sure you stop by our next event and sample some delicious Ethiopian specialty coffees!