January 27, 2023

By hosting our events in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, we want to create a perfect platform for our participants from around the world.

Coffee beans come from the highest quality Arabica coffee beans and are an organic product.

Our organic tea varieties are sourced directly from small tea estates in Ethiopia.

As part of our new initiative, we offer Ethiopian coffee, organic tea and unlimited conference room access at our office.

We are not just a coffee shop or a cafe. We are looking to be a community hub that is more than just meetings and events.

The conference is one of the most important meetings in the company. This year, more than a hundred people from different departments are attending this conference. The meeting room is quite spacious, so it can comfortably accommodate all attendees. The refreshments on offer for today’s gathering include Ethiopian coffee and organic tea, both of which are completely free as part of our welcome package.

This is just one part of our offer to you! To make your experience even better, we also have high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable chairs and tables, and an ergonomic desk that will help you staying focused throughout the day.

We will be available to provide support throughout your entire stay at our office – from making sure you get the best out of our facilities to suggesting a restaurant for lunch or catering for your next event.

You’ll be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome as you enter the doors of our stunning Ethiopian coffee and organic tea bar. We have an extensive selection of coffee and tea blends, from traditional to modern blends.

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so we offer natural teas, fruit teas and herbal teases, so you can find your favorite. Our staff can also recommend their favorite flavors if you’re not sure.

This is a coffee shop with an organic tea station. A place for people to relax and chat about anything on the go.

Here at the Coffee Station, our mission is to provide a welcoming space for those who want to escape life’s daily stresses. We offer you something special: unlimited access to high quality coffee, tea, light bites and a comfortable atmosphere; all while offering you access to our conference rooms when needed.

If you’re in Asia, join us for lunch and learn about how we are the leading soft drinks company in China. If you’re in Europe, come for a coffee, tea and chat about how we are America’s largest independent beverage company. Or if you’re in North America, explore all of our benefits with us from our perspective.