January 27, 2023

Ethiopian coffee is a specialty and exclusive coffee. It’s the cleanest, clearest, and most naturally tasting coffee you can find. Now, we’re proud to announce that Ethiopian Coffee is now available at our conferences.

Ethiopian Coffee is a specialty and exclusive coffee. It’s the cleanest, clearest, and most naturally tasting coffee you can find. This unique flavor comes from the variety of soil it is grown on which includes volcanic ashes and natural salts from volcanic activity.

Our users can now enjoy Ethiopian coffee from our conference rooms in Bangkok, Paris, and Kathmandu.

Ethiopian coffee is a rich and hearty brew with a fruity flavor. It has been grown for centuries on the side of Mount Kafa, which is the tallest mountain in Addis Ababa.

In recent years, Ethiopia has become one of the most popular destinations for many coffee producers as it continues to grow at an exponential rate.

As a global company, we understand how important it is for our clients to be able to access our conferences. With the help of a dedicated partner like Ethiopian Coffee Company, we are able to provide them with an excellent experience.

Ethiopian Coffee Company has already been providing our conference services at the last two successful events, Africa Next Conference and Africa Tech Summit in 2017 and 2018.

You might have noticed that there’s a lot of coffee at our conferences. The reason is because there are many Ethiopian coffee farmers, who grow a variety of high quality beans.

Ethiopia is a country in Africa where the climate and soil make the best conditions for growing coffee beans.

In our opinion, Ethiopian coffee has a unique flavor because it is roasted over an open fire. We offer it in the form of brewed coffee, iced coffee, and blended coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian speciality-grade organic whole bean beans are grown with great care by small farmers in the arid highlands of the country. They are grown without any chemicals or pesticides, and they are processed lovingly by hand. The process from seed to cup is a long one that ideally takes 45 hours from start to finish. First the beans are harvested from trees and then dried on raised beds for two weeks before being carefully sorted and processed. The finished product is then roasted over an open fire using only wood fuel for a clean smokeless roast that brings out all of the natural flavors that.

Ethiopian coffee is a specialty coffee that has been enjoyed for centuries. It’s hard to find in many parts of the world and at our conferences, it is available on a daily basis.

Ethiopian Coffee is known for having a higher level of acidity while maintaining a smooth taste. This can be found in many ways like through the natural processing techniques used by family farmers. The fermentation process starts with the beans being left to soak before they are then dried and roasted. For example, Ethiopian Coffee has been around since Queen Gersent Teklehaimanot created her royal garden in 1636.